Constantly Worried? Frequently Anxious? This is the Reason Why
This natural body response has spiralled out of control, leaving Americans in a state of anxiety. This blog reveals: The one reason you can’t stop worrying If stress is actually bad for you How to stop worrying all the time If you’re feeling like you’re worried all the time, take some comfort in this: you’re […]
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Revealed | Where to Find Hidden Sugars
We all know to avoid candy bars and donuts… but you wouldn’t believe some of the “healthy” foods sugar is hiding in. This blog reveals: Why you’re eating so much sugar What can happen if you eat too much sugar Foods that contain hidden sugars How to stop eating so much sugar Who doesn’t love […]
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The Unlikely Cause of Your Sugar Cravings
The trigger for sugar cravings seems so “everyday” that beating it can feel impossible. We’re here to tell you otherwise. This blog reveals: The simple reason you start craving sugar Why we can’t stop eating sugar once we’ve started How to stop sugar from affecting your brain and body The natural formula to help maintain [&helli
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How Roland Relieved his “Intense Joint Pain and Inflammation”
“It also reduced the ‘snap...crackle… and POP!’ that I experienced whenever I bent my knees!” This video reveals: Why Roland was experiencing intense joint pain and inflammation The all-natural formula that relieved his pain and got him back on his feet Take one look at Roland Johnson and you’ll see a bright, friendly face ado
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Our Team’s Formula for a Better Life
They say that “the change starts with you,” which is why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate how our very own employees have found their formulas for a better life! This article reveals: How our Key Account Manager stays stress-free How our National Sales Manager stopped being so forgetful How our CEO gets the energy [&hellip
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3 Formulas for a Better Immune System
We all fear getting sick, yet very few of us actually prioritize the health of our immune system. We reveal how three unique people have taken their body’s defenses to a different level, and are living better lives for it! This article reveals: How Paula keeps her immune system safe from school germs How Nadine […]
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Patty’s Formula For a Better Life!
Patty and her kids were in love with an active, outdoorsy life… until their seasonal allergies kicked in. She worried they were never going to experience their favorite hobbies without suffering. But then, Patty found their formula for a better life. This article reveals: Why people get seasonal allergies Why many OTC allergy relief pro
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Brenda’s Formula For a Better Life!
Plagued by joint pain and muscle cramps, Brenda could have been forgiven for thinking her active lifestyle was over. But then she found these natural formulas... This article answers:  What age can people get joint pain? Do glucosamine and chondroitin alone work for joint pain? Are there really natural solutions to joint pain? What’s B
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Neuropathy-Sufferer Raves About This All-Natural Formula
Carol wasn’t sure how to cope with such little feeling in her fingers and toes. But then she found an all-natural formula that made a difference “within a few days!” This article reveals: The story of Carol, a sufferer of neuropathy How her hands and feet had been compromised by her condition The all-natural formula […]
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The Reason We Get Muscle Cramps and Spasms
Muscle cramps and spasms are incredibly common occurrences. But why? Is it to do with an active or sedentary lifestyle? Our research suggests something more... This article answers: What is a muscle spasm? What does a muscle spasm feel like? Is there a way to stop muscle spasms? How do muscles work? Is there a […]
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The Two Ways You Can Protect Your Nerves From Future Pain
Our hands and feet are responsible for almost every physical action we take. When they suffer, our entire body suffers. We explain how to relieve their pain, protect your nerves from future pain, and restore healthy nerves! This blog reveals: Why people experience “pins and needles” Why diabetes-sufferers are at risk of experiencing t
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Why Slowing Down Your Eating May Positively Impact Your Mental Health
How on Earth could our eating habits be connected to our feelings of anxiety? Dr Gregory Jantz explains various ways to help us navigate our feelings of fear. This video reveals: Why Doctor Gregory Jantz believes we are living in a “culture of fear” The world’s most common mental health struggle The message your body […]
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Colin’s Joints Were “Stiff” and “In Pain...” But Now he lives “Pain-Free!” Here’s his Secret...
Joint pain isn’t a problem reserved for the frail and elderly. It can affect men as young as Colin. Here’s how he managed to put the brakes on the condition controlling his life. This blog reveals: The story of Colin, a young man suffering from excruciating joint pain.  The type of arthritis that can affect […]
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Your Calcium Supplement is Useless if it Isn’t Taken Alongside This Vitamin…
Calcium is a necessary mineral that can’t be produced by the human body, so we must supplement it. But without this vitamin, it won’t be absorbed by our body… This blog reveals: At what age you should start thinking about bone health The best form of calcium for nourishing and strengthening your bones How to […]
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Why “The King of Bitters” May Be the Solution to Your Throat Infection…
They may not be the most pleasant to eat, but bitter herbs have a great track record at fighting the nasty bacteria that invade our bodies. This article reveals: The connection between bitter foods and bacteria How the herb known as “The King of Bitters” stacks up against a throat infection How to preserve the […]
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The Five Essential Oils That Help Soothe a Sore Throat
We reveal five essential oils that are not only safe to be consumed internally, but also help comfort one of the most common allergy and cold symptoms… the sore throat. This article reveals:  The five essential oils that can help comfort your throat The different cooling effects of an essential oil blend vs. menthol The […]
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Revealed | What Causes a Hangover?
You’re probably tempted to say “alcohol,” but the truth is more complicated than you think... This video reveals: The truth about what causes a hangover How alcohol interacts with your body The two key organs we must work to protect from alcohol The all-natural ingredients needed to prepare your body for a night of indulgent [&helli
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How a Physical Therapist Fights Nerve Pain in Her Spine, Neck, and Back - Naturally!
Also an Olympic weightlifter, CrossFit athlete, and mom to three kids, Jen Dieter’s body certainly takes a lot of punishment! Here’s her secret to managing the pain… This video reveals: The incredible physical demands of Jen Dieter’s life  Why B Vitamins are so important to protecting your nerves from future pain The natural form
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How to Stop Seasonal Allergies From Disrupting Your Child’s Life.
Seasonal allergies and hayfever can impede your child’s playtime and disrupt their learning experience. We reveal the natural solutions that can help.   This article reveals: The shocking stats on seasonal allergies in children The impact seasonal allergies could have on your child’s grades A Master Herbalist’s concerns with commo
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Top Natural Painkiller | Finding Your Formula for Pain Relief
Picking your perfect pain-relief depends on the kind of pain you’re experiencing. Let’s find the right solution for you! This article reveals: The pain-relieving properties of curcumin The difference between turmeric and curcumin  Master Herbalist explains: Why all curcumin is not created equal How to identify the right curcumin form
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