Can You Guess The One Thing This Cancer Survivor Hands Out To Everyone?
Here’s a clue: they’re gluten-free, non-GMO, made from essential oils… and will leave your throat feeling the best it has in a long time! This video reveals: The all-natural throat-soothing solution that Jen… “Hands out to everybody” Believes “people should carry with them all year” Claims are “a hit, taste good… and w
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Wow! This Natural Chewable Dries a Child’s Runny Nose FAST
A runny nose is one of the most common conditions children endure. We explain when it should concern you, and how you can help! This blog reveals The reasons your child’s nose may be running How mucus color can help identify how severe a sinus problem is How to naturally help dry your kid’s runny […]
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Three Ways to Stop Seasonal Allergies Ruining Spring Break
With these all-natural solutions you can continue to enjoy the springtime vacation you deserve! This blog reveals The THREE items you should take on your spring break travels The formula that stops sinus flare-ups The solution that soothes a sore throat The aromatherapy blend that helps you breathe easy  After the long and cold winter [&
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Top 5 Signs Your Teen is Stressed… and What To Do About it
Teens aren’t always the best at communicating their feelings. Here’s how to tell if they’re struggling, and how to talk to them about it This blog reveals 5 common signs a teenager is struggling with stress What to do if your teen seems to be suffering with stress The all-natural mood-lifting, stress-fighting formula that’s 20% [&
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VIDEO | Blood Pressure Solution Blows Pastor’s Mind!
Now that he’s seen the undeniably impressive results, this formula will be part of his routine for years to come! This video reveals The hectic schedule that led Aaron Clark to confront unhealthy blood pressure levels Why he was so skeptical of trying a natural product The award-winning formula that helped bring the healthy blood [&hell
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The Incredible Health Benefits of Being in LOVE
With a big impact on mental health and positive benefits for our physical well being, we just can’t resist LOVE This blog reveals The impact love has on our emotional wellbeing The physical health benefits of love The 20% discount on an all-natural formula that keeps hearts strong It’s February! Which means we are in […]
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5 Signs of an Unhealthy Heart that you Shouldn’t Ignore…
Healthy living requires a healthy heart! We reveal 5 unlikely indicators that your heart could use some help… This blog reveals: Why your chest isn’t the only location of heart-related pain The relationship between gum problems and heart problems How we help to keep healthy hearts feeling strong It’s not always obvious that your hea
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Stop Feeling Groggy and Start Being Productive
Do you find it difficult to really ‘get going’ until the afternoon? Start taking back your morning and improving your productivity with these 5 simple techniques This blog reveals How to stop feeling groggy and wake up refreshed The connection between gratitude and productivity Why you should ‘warm-up’ before you start your day An
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Lion’s Mane Mushroom: The Story, The Benefits, and Where to Get it!
2022 is the year mushrooms finally get their due! We reveal our favorite of these fungi, and explain all of its incredible health benefits This blog reveals Where Lion’s Mane comes from, and where to find it How this amazing mushroom can help take care of your brain The all-natural way to support memory, brain […]
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Your Guide to STOP Joint Pain in 2022
We reveal our suggestions for living a year that isn’t compromised by chronic discomfort! This blog reveals: How to quickly fight joint pain without pills The first thing you should do when you get out of bed They type of fish that could help reduce your joint discomfort It doesn’t matter who you ask; everyone’s […]
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Ready to Stop Craving Sugar? Here’s How…
Does it feel like sugar is keeping your willpower hostage? Start practicing these 5 techniques to take your life back from these dangerous cravings! This blog reveals: How 4 natural super-ingredients combine to STOP sugar cravings Why drinking water may make your sugar cravings vanish Whether “going cold turkey” is the best route for
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These are a Few of Wellness Mama’s Favorite Things!
Katie Wells reveals the natural formulas that help her beat holiday stress! We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, and we’ve gotta be honest… we’re still waiting for these “tidings of comfort and joy!” Instead, it feels like all we’re getting is “overnight deliveries of nerves and stress.” It’s easy for the h
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How to get the BEST Curcumin… as a Tasty Chewable!
We reveal why everyone can’t stop talking about curcumin, and how to get all of its health benefit in one, daily, tasty chewable This blog reveals: What curcumin is, and its incredible health benefits Why many curcumin supplements on the market are ineffective The most studied, tested, and trusted curcumin extract How to get the [&helli
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Why we can be Grateful for Pain
It’s November; a time many of us reflect on the parts of life we’re thankful for.  Our family… Our friends… Our pain… *Record scratching* Huh? Pain?! Why would I ever be grateful for pain?! Because pain is your body’s way of letting you know:  “Hey! Something’s wrong! And I need some help over here!” As […]
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Lowering Blood Sugar | The Incredible Effect of Seaweed
Check out this incredible seaweed blend that has been clinically shown to reduce blood sugar levels by almost 50%! This blog reveals:  Why you crave sugar, and why it’s so hard to stop The particular blend of seaweed that can help fight sugar cravings! How it works to protect your body from sugars and starches […]
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What Overeating, Insomnia, and Anxiety Have in Common
Most of us imagine “stress” as a furrowed brow, rolled up sleeves, and fingers massaging temples. But stress can actually show up in a variety of unexpected ways. This blog reveals: The relationship between stress and sugary foods How stress impacts our sleep cycle The difference between being ‘stressed’ and being ‘overwhelmed
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3 Fool-Proof Ways to Choose Your Probiotic
The bacteria in your gut play a massive role in nearly every facet of your health, including digestion, energy levels, weight gain, and anxiety! This blog reveals Why most probiotics DON’T work 3 fool-proof ways to choose the right probiotic Our top recommendation for improving your gut health The majority of probiotics don’t work. In
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Fight Period Pain Naturally with Herbs and Electrolytes
Menstrual cramps no longer have to interfere with your life, thanks to this all-natural solution formulated by a Master Herbalist This blog reveals: What menstrual cramps are, and when they happen and How to stop menstrual cramps, and reduce your abdominal period pain Let’s face it. Being a woman sure isn’t easy.  Whether we’re sta
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The Ancient Ingredient that Can Fight “Pins and Needles” in Hands and Feet
Peripheral nerve pain can compromise the use of your extremities. This traditional Chinese ingredient can help them feel normal again This blog reveals:  What neuropathy is, and what its symptoms can be How to protect peripheral nerves from pain Why rejuvenating stagnated circulation is so important to peripheral nerve pain relief The an
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60 Year-Old Runner’s No-Pill Joint Health Solution
Sick of ineffective pills, Dan turned his attention toward this low-dose, no-pill alternative… and was feeling better within a week! This blog reveals: The story of Dan Harris A lifelong runner and cyclist whose joints needed taking care of Chondroitin and MSM weren’t delivering the results he needed His no-pill joint health solution
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