How to get the BEST Curcumin… as a Tasty Chewable!
We reveal why everyone can’t stop talking about curcumin, and how to get all of its health benefit in one, daily, tasty chewable This blog reveals: What curcumin is, and its incredible health benefits Why many curcumin supplements on the market are ineffective The most studied, tested, and trusted curcumin extract How to get the [&helli
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Why we can be Grateful for Pain
It’s November; a time many of us reflect on the parts of life we’re thankful for.  Our family… Our friends… Our pain… *Record scratching* Huh? Pain?! Why would I ever be grateful for pain?! Because pain is your body’s way of letting you know:  “Hey! Something’s wrong! And I need some help over here!” As […]
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Lowering Blood Sugar | The Incredible Effect of Seaweed
Check out this incredible seaweed blend that has been clinically shown to reduce blood sugar levels by almost 50%! This blog reveals:  Why you crave sugar, and why it’s so hard to stop The particular blend of seaweed that can help fight sugar cravings! How it works to protect your body from sugars and starches […]
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What Overeating, Insomnia, and Anxiety Have in Common
Most of us imagine “stress” as a furrowed brow, rolled up sleeves, and fingers massaging temples. But stress can actually show up in a variety of unexpected ways. This blog reveals: The relationship between stress and sugary foods How stress impacts our sleep cycle The difference between being ‘stressed’ and being ‘overwhelmed
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3 Fool-Proof Ways to Choose Your Probiotic
The bacteria in your gut play a massive role in nearly every facet of your health, including digestion, energy levels, weight gain, and anxiety! This blog reveals Why most probiotics DON’T work 3 fool-proof ways to choose the right probiotic Our top recommendation for improving your gut health The majority of probiotics don’t work. In
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Fight Period Pain Naturally with Herbs and Electrolytes
Menstrual cramps no longer have to interfere with your life, thanks to this all-natural solution formulated by a Master Herbalist This blog reveals: What menstrual cramps are, and when they happen and How to stop menstrual cramps, and reduce your abdominal period pain Let’s face it. Being a woman sure isn’t easy.  Whether we’re sta
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The Ancient Ingredient that Can Fight “Pins and Needles” in Hands and Feet
Peripheral nerve pain can compromise the use of your extremities. This traditional Chinese ingredient can help them feel normal again This blog reveals:  What neuropathy is, and what its symptoms can be How to protect peripheral nerves from pain Why rejuvenating stagnated circulation is so important to peripheral nerve pain relief The an
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60 Year-Old Runner’s No-Pill Joint Health Solution
Sick of ineffective pills, Dan turned his attention toward this low-dose, no-pill alternative… and was feeling better within a week! This blog reveals: The story of Dan Harris A lifelong runner and cyclist whose joints needed taking care of Chondroitin and MSM weren’t delivering the results he needed His no-pill joint health solution
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How a Grandmother with Asthma Still Runs 5 Days a Week
She’s listed these all-natural solutions as part of her “7 Effective Ways to Clear Mucus for Better Breathing” This blog reveals: Why Americans should be concerned about the quality of the air How this asthmatic grandmother still runs 5 days a week How to fight respiratory problems on-the-go The essential oils that can help you [&he
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The Solution to Fighting Joint Pain Without Pills
It’s fast, effective, safe, and endorsed by a physical therapist and olympic weightlifter This blog reveals: The huge amount of US adults that suffer from joint pain Why so many joint pain sufferers are looking for no-pill solutions The safe, convenient, fast-acting, and natural no-pill joint health solution loved by a physical therapis
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Protect the Nerves in Your Hands and Feet from Future Pain
If you suffer from discomfort in your peripheral nervous system, this all-natural formula offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to protect your hands and feet from future pain. This video reveals:  The difference between the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system Why so many people with nerve issues feel hopeless Why restori
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Fighting Excess Uric Acid? Avoid this Ingredient
It's included in many popular formulas for fighting excess uric acid… but should it be? We explain why we choose to avoid this particular type of ingredient This blog reveals: What gout is A common misconception about uric acid How your body gets rid of uric acid The popular gout ingredient you may want to […]
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How to Reduce Uric Acid and Prevent Future Build-up
Watch as our CEO reveals the all-natural ingredients that you can use to fight the agony of excess uric acid This video reveals Why tart cherry struggles to reduce uric acid levels alone What uric acid and blood pressure have in common The two herbs to help your kidneys fight excess uric acid Why restoring […]
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Why You Can’t Lower Blood Pressure Without Addressing These 3 Core Issues
Watch this video as Dan Chapman, Founder and CEO of Redd Remedies, reveals 3-step approach for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels This video reveals:  The devastating toll stress takes on blood pressure The 3 core issues you must address to help support healthy blood pressure levels The important role kidneys play in raising and l
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The 5 Disguises of Stress
In this video Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, teaches us how to correctly identify when stress is at the root of our emotional health challenges, and how we can cope with it healthily! This video reveals: The many negative physical effects of stress The 5 different disguises of chronic stress The small class […]
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Sarah’s Emotional Health Tool Box - The Fit Cookie
We all know how important our physical health is. But so many don’t take proper care of our mental and emotional health. Here’s a great place to start. This blog reveals: A free gift to help you fight sugar cravings An ideal routine for fighting the anxiety of sleepless nights How to navigate feelings of […]
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Feeling Sad Often? This Could be the Reason Why
Some of us just can’t seem to shake sadness. We offer a potential reason you could be feeling low, and how to address it! This blog reveals: The reason you could be feeling sad Why neurotransmitters like serotonin are important to your mood A way to stop feeling sad so often Life is filled with […]
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Having Trouble Sleeping? This Could be the Reason
Aside from small contributing factors such as blue light exposure and inconsistent bedtimes, we believe there is one unifying underlying cause of your sleep issues. This blog reveals: The huge number of Americans that suffer from sleep issues Why you’re have trouble sleeping How poor sleep affects your health How to get a better night
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Constantly Worried? Frequently Anxious? This is the Reason Why
This natural body response has spiralled out of control, leaving Americans in a state of anxiety. This blog reveals: The one reason you can’t stop worrying If stress is actually bad for you How to stop worrying all the time If you’re feeling like you’re worried all the time, take some comfort in this: you’re […]
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Revealed | Where to Find Hidden Sugars
We all know to avoid candy bars and donuts… but you wouldn’t believe some of the “healthy” foods sugar is hiding in. This blog reveals: Why you’re eating so much sugar What can happen if you eat too much sugar Foods that contain hidden sugars How to stop eating so much sugar Who doesn’t love […]
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