Revealed | Cholesterol Isn’t Always as Bad as You May Think...
Cholesterol is actually responsible for a lot of good that happens inside our bodies… This blog reveals:  The truth about cholesterol’s bad reputation.  The surprising source of most of our cholesterol.  The difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol. How high is “too high” regarding cholesterol levels.  The ancient herbs that
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This Doctor Has a Free Tool To Help You Fight Sugar Cravings!
Downloading this gift from the world-renowned Dr. Gregory Jantz could hold the key to breaking your sugar addiction. This blog reveals: How much sugar Americans eat in a year. Why a best-selling author and doctor of behavioral-based afflictions could help us beat sugar cravings. A free downloadable gift to help you stop your sugar swings!
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Dealing with Anxiety and the Pain of Panic Attacks.
Struggling with panic attacks and fierce bouts of anxiety, Amy turned to holistic medicine… and found her solution! This blog reveals:  The story of Amy, a woman fighting to take her life back from anxiety.  The natural ingredients she looked for to help release her from panic attacks.  The formula she found which helped her [&hellip
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Circulatory Problems: Taking Care of Veins and Arteries.
Understanding how our veins and arteries are connected, the damage they sustain from a particular free radical, and how to best keep them healthy. This blog reveals: Why you must address the health and integrity of both your veins and arteries. The staggering length of your blood vessel network.  The part of your veins and […]
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Revealed: The Leading Cause of Death Amongst Males.
Help keep the men in your life safe by understanding this “silent killer”... and how to fight it. This blog reveals: The world’s leading cause of death among males. Various ways that men can help to naturally protect themselves.  The potential causes of this “silent killer.” Good father figures take on the responsibility of hel
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This Undersea Life Form Could Hold the Key to Killing Sugar Cravings!
The results of clinical blood sugar trials on this innocuous and amazing ocean organism are staggering! This blog reveals: The key ingredient to fighting sugar cravings found under the sea. How it works to protect your body from sugars and starches. How it affects your body’s relationship to insulin. The staggering results from clinical
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Breaking Yourself of Sugar Cravings - Why It’s So Hard.
There is an incredibly scary science that reveals the reasons we can’t simply stop eating sugar. This blog reveals: The incredible amount of sugar Americans consume in a year.  Where all of the sugars are hiding… Why the food industry crams so much sugar into seemingly everything... The explanation for your sugar crashes and sugar [&
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The 3 Joint, Bone, and Muscle Supplements Every Skeleton Needs…
In the Spirit of Halloween, Freddy the Redd Remedies skeleton is here to give you some joint and bone health pointers! Before you roll your eyes, just think about it: Who better to talk to you about joint and bone health than a skeleton?  Read on as he explains:  The 3 ways he keeps his […]
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Girl Talk: “I’m Only 45 Years Old… Why do my Joints Hurt?”
Joint pain isn’t reserved for the injured and the onset often happens much earlier than you might expect. Watch as this Mom reveals her joint pain experience, and the joint supplements that provided the relief she craved. This video reveals: The story of Shelby, a young Mom who felt like her joints were falling apart.  […]
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After “4 Painful Years,” He Finally Found His Joint Supplement.
Experiencing “an amazing pain reduction all through [his] body”, he’s calling this joint supplement a “miracle.” This blog reveals: The story of an arthritis-sufferer, who had spent 4 years with joint pain.  The joint supplement that he’s referring to as a “miracle.”  The revelatory effects of a “super-ingredient” th
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Relieve Your Dog’s Achy Joints With “Fast, One-Bottle Results.”
This single, effective joint-relief formula eliminates the costly nature of purchasing multiple supplements for your pet! This blog reveals: How likely it is that your dog will suffer from arthritis.  Signs that your dog could be suffering with joint pain.  Why popular supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin may not relieve your do
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Muscle Cramps? Recovering from Exercise? These are the Electrolytes for You.
To keep muscles strong, you need the proper supply of nutrients to help them contract and relax. This blog reveals: Two key electrolytes needed to aid muscle recovery and fight muscle cramps and spasms.  The importance of taking a magnesium supplement that is chelated and not oxidized.  Why assisting your nervous system is essential to
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The Three Faces of Arthritis: Revealing Who’s at Risk…
While joint pain can be just part of the natural gain process, it can also be a sign of something much worse… Arthritis. This blog reveals:  The three most common forms of arthritis, and how to tell them apart. Which demographics are most at risk for developing these types of arthritis.  “I’m not as young […]
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Why all Women Should Address Their Bone Health Before They’re 25.
There’s only a small window of time to prepare your bone strength for the rest of your life. This blog reveals: The important supplement women should take before they turn 25, and why. The common breakfast food that could hold the key to your bone health. Why we don’t recommend taking a CaCO3 supplement that […]
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Is Glucosamine Still the Best Solution for Joint Pain?
Two experts from the Natural Health Industry give their opinions… This blog reveals: The amount of glucosamine sulfate it could take to provide you with discernible joint relief.  Why ingredients from a whole food are usually better than an isolate. The best ingredient for joint health that we have ever seen! Joint pain is a […]
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The Key Ingredient for Healthy Bones Could Be Inside Your Refrigerator…
The average American eats almost 300 of these per year, yet is totally oblivious to its bone strengthening benefits! This blog reveals: The everyday ingredient found in most refrigerators that could hold the key to your bone health.  Revealing the truth about calcium carbonate… is it bad for you? Why whole food ingredients are often [&
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Glucosamine Is Just One Part of a 6-Piece Joint Health Puzzle. Here Are The Other 5 Pieces…
There’s much more to your joint health than the cartilage glucosamine can help rebuild. Here’s what you need to achieve total joint relief... This video reveals: The length of time it can take for glucosamine to work on its own. The 5 additional supplements we can use to improve upon glucosamine and chondroitin. The everyday […
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Bacterial VS Viral Infections: Why you MUST Know the Difference…
Bombarding your immune system with the same generic health tonic time after time isn’t giving it the effective, safe support it deserves. This blog reveals: The difference between bacterial and viral infections.  How much your symptoms tell you about the nature of your infection. The truth about antibiotics, and why it’s dangerous to
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The All-Natural Immune Support This Teacher Calls “A Life-Saver.”
Working with kids, they need to stay healthy. That’s where our immune support comes in… This article reveals: The story of a teacher with a compromised immune system. The all-natural immune support they’re calling “a lifesaver.” The easy way you can find the right all-natural support for your immune system! The story of a teache
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Natural Sore Throat Remedies That Also Support Your Respiratory Function!
Why these sore throat remedies are so much more than a cough drop... This article reveals: The multiple problems with generic cough drops. How our Master Herbalist addresses these problems with her all-natural sore throat remedies. The 5 pure essential oils that our Master Herbalist uses to create our sore throat remedies. Why our essenti
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