3 Formulas for a Better Immune System

We all fear getting sick, yet very few of us actually prioritize the health of our immune system. We reveal how three unique people have taken their body’s defenses to a different level, and are living better lives for it!

This article reveals:

  • How Paula keeps her immune system safe from school germs
  • How Nadine provides the deep, long-term support her immune system needs
  • Why Reggie needs immune support even without long-standing health conditions
  • How to choose the right immune support formula for you

Your immune system is as unique as you are. Yet, walking down the aisle at the local pharmacy, pretty much everyone reaches for the same supplements. 

The truth is in order to fully protect your body, you need immune support that is tailored to fit your personal needs. 

Paula is a 70-year old elementary school employee. Nadine is a young woman enrolling at community college. Reggie works full-time as an electrician. 

In this article, these three unique individuals share the particular immune support that has become part of their formula for a better life!

Paula’s formula for a better life

Paula works part-time at a local elementary school, and she absolutely loves it! 

She gets on great with all the kids, and the work helps to keep her busy. However, she also has to be careful. 

Schools are filled with germs, whether they be on sticky desks, battered gym equipment, or even airborne in the hallways! 

Paula has to make sure her immune system is up to the job of conceding with these perils. Thanks to her formula of Immune Vrl Pro™ and Immune Bac Pro™, she’s never felt safer!

Paula’s immune system has taken a beating from illness before, so she uses Immune Vrl Pro™ regularly to keep her immune system protected. How does it work? European Elder. This flowering plant is packed with antioxidants and has demonstrated the unique ability to be effective against 10 different strains of influenza virus!

You can imagine that working in a school can be quite stressful, and this stress can place a huge burden on Paula’s immune system. She’s grateful that Immune Vrl Pro™ contains the stress-relieving powers of both astragalus and eleuthero!

Finally, it keeps her immune cells on guard by helping to protect her liver. This organ is so important to a functioning immune system. It’s where your cells “learn” to discern between foreign and native cells!

When Paula feels like she might be coming down with something particularly nasty, she brings out the big guns. Paula noticed that when she starts to feel sick, she feels it in her stomach. This is what made Immune Bac Pro™ a perfect fit.

This rapid-response solution helps eliminate the bad bacteria in our gut that cause us pain, and restores the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy microbiome!

It also helps Paula get the detox she desperately needs by cleaning out her lymph system, helping her rid her body of any “unwanted guests.” 

Now Paula can feel safe and secure while the kids keep a smile on her face!

Nadine’s formula for a better life

Nadine is almost 19, but she’s only just starting to feel independent. 

She had been told all her life that her immune system wasn’t as strong as the other kids’… that it would always need a little extra care and protection. 

You can understand how this would lead to Nadine acting with more caution or hesitancy than she may need to. 

However, thanks to Immune Advanced, Nadine feels like she can start to live with a little less fear!

Like Paula, but for different reasons, Nadine is going to cope with a lot of stress in her lifetime. That’s why Immune Advanced contains schisandra, an adaptogenic herb that helps to relieve the potent negative effect of stress.

With dandelion and burdock extracts helping keep Nadine’s liver and lymph system clean, she can rest easy knowing that her immune cells are being kept protected and alert to potential threats. 

Finally, she can feel that her body and immune system are finally working together instead of against each other. Immune Advanced’s wonderful blend of reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps mushrooms have helped to reestablish a sense of harmony that she hasn’t felt in years!

Now, Nadine is enrolling in classes at the local community college. She’s still living at home where her parents can keep an eye on her health, but she’s happy knowing that she’s taking some small steps towards freedom!

Reggie’s formula for a better life

Reggie is an electrician who works 40 hours a week, a Father of two kids, and lives a traditional suburban lifestyle. 

On the surface, you may be tempted to call Reggie an “average Joe…” but he insists that he has the best life can offer!

He loves spending time with his family, golfing with friends, and even his work! He knows he wants to keep this lifestyle going for as long as possible, which is why he takes care of his immune system with Immune Everyday

Despite not having any long-standing health conditions, Reggies understand the importance of keeping his immune system as healthy as possible, to try and nip potential problems in the bud. 

His handyman job takes him into many different houses and around many different people, so his immune system is constantly being tested. That’s why he benefits so much from the rosehips in Immune Everyday. This incredibly powerful source of vitamin C provides his immune cells with strong antioxidant protection. 

With many appointments to keep and constantly working with his hands, it’s easy for Reggie to start feeling tired and weary. Thankfully, the ashwagandha extract in his formula helps relieve the burden that this could place on his immune system. 

Lastly, the mushroom blend that makes up the core of Immune Everyday keeps his immune system healthy by assisting the cleaning and maintenance of his liver; one of our immune cells most important organs. 

How to choose your immune support formula

Our immune system serves as our body’s line of defense. Don’t you deserve the best defense possible?

Then join the likes of Paula, Nadine, and Reggie, by finding the best immune formula for YOUR body. 

Simply click here to take this immune quiz! It will quickly identify the perfect immune formula to suit your body’s needs. 

Better formulas mean better lives. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and step toward better living!


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