Relieve Your Dog’s Achy Joints With “Fast, One-Bottle Results.”
This single, effective joint-relief formula eliminates the costly nature of purchasing multiple supplements for your pet! This blog reveals: How likely it is that your dog will suffer from arthritis.  Signs that your dog could be suffering with joint pain.  Why popular supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin may not relieve your do
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Muscle Cramps? Recovering from Exercise? These are the Electrolytes for You.
To keep muscles strong, you need the proper supply of nutrients to help them contract and relax. This blog reveals: Two key electrolytes needed to aid muscle recovery and fight muscle cramps and spasms.  The importance of taking a magnesium supplement that is chelated and not oxidized.  Why assisting your nervous system is essential to
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The Three Faces of Arthritis: Revealing Who’s at Risk…
While joint pain can be just part of the natural gain process, it can also be a sign of something much worse… Arthritis. This blog reveals:  The three most common forms of arthritis, and how to tell them apart. Which demographics are most at risk for developing these types of arthritis.  “I’m not as young […]
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Why all Women Should Address Their Bone Health Before They’re 25.
There’s only a small window of time to prepare your bone strength for the rest of your life. This blog reveals: The important supplement women should take before they turn 25, and why. The common breakfast food that could hold the key to your bone health. Why we don’t recommend taking a CaCO3 supplement that […]
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Is Glucosamine Still the Best Solution for Joint Pain?
Two experts from the Natural Health Industry give their opinions… This blog reveals: The amount of glucosamine sulfate it could take to provide you with discernible joint relief.  Why ingredients from a whole food are usually better than an isolate. The best ingredient for joint health that we have ever seen! Joint pain is a […]
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The Key Ingredient for Healthy Bones Could Be Inside Your Refrigerator…
The average American eats almost 300 of these per year, yet is totally oblivious to its bone strengthening benefits! This blog reveals: The everyday ingredient found in most refrigerators that could hold the key to your bone health.  Revealing the truth about calcium carbonate… is it bad for you? Why whole food ingredients are often [&
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Glucosamine Is Just One Part of a 6-Piece Joint Health Puzzle. Here Are The Other 5 Pieces…
There’s much more to your joint health than the cartilage glucosamine can help rebuild. Here’s what you need to achieve total joint relief... This video reveals: The length of time it can take for glucosamine to work on its own. The 5 additional supplements we can use to improve upon glucosamine and chondroitin. The everyday […
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Bacterial VS Viral Infections: Why you MUST Know the Difference…
Bombarding your immune system with the same generic health tonic time after time isn’t giving it the effective, safe support it deserves. This blog reveals: The difference between bacterial and viral infections.  How much your symptoms tell you about the nature of your infection. The truth about antibiotics, and why it’s dangerous to
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The All-Natural Immune Support This Teacher Calls “A Life-Saver.”
Working with kids, they need to stay healthy. That’s where our immune support comes in… This article reveals: The story of a teacher with a compromised immune system. The all-natural immune support they’re calling “a lifesaver.” The easy way you can find the right all-natural support for your immune system! The story of a teache
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Natural Sore Throat Remedies That Also Support Your Respiratory Function!
Why these sore throat remedies are so much more than a cough drop... This article reveals: The multiple problems with generic cough drops. How our Master Herbalist addresses these problems with her all-natural sore throat remedies. The 5 pure essential oils that our Master Herbalist uses to create our sore throat remedies. Why our essenti
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Stressed Immune Systems Need More Care Than Generic Supplements Can Offer…
The best long-term care for a stressed immune system... This blog reveals:  One of the biggest problems with immune-boosting supplements. Key signs that your immune system could be stressed and need extra help.  Why boosting the lymphatic system is so important for stressed immune systems.   The 3 ways a Master Herbalist’s all-natur
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Your Immune System is Under Attack Every Single Day.
The Immune Support You Need, Even When You’re Healthy… This blog reveals: The most common misconception people have about immune support. The two types of stressors that keep our immune system busy all year long. How your isolated immune-boosting ingredients could be hurting you instead of helping. Your liver’s vital role in a healt
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Not All Elderberry is Created Equal: Why Your Supplement May Not Help Your Immune System.
Our Master Herbalist reveals the truth about the immune-boosting qualities of elderberry, and also explains why all elderberry is definitely not created equal…  This blog reveals: The only two medical conditions that have shown to respond positively to elderberry. Why your generic elderberry supplement may not yield the same results as
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How to stay healthy when your kids go back to school.
This blog includes: The problem with most immune-boosting supplements.  The quick and simple quiz that will help you identify the type of immune support you need! A full explanation of the different immune-boosting supplements we have for every immune system.  The big problem with most immune-boosting supplements… With your kids headi
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Taking Zinc Regularly? You could be harming yourself…
Our Master Herbalist explains how to safely and effectively harness the immune-supporting powers of zinc.  This blog reveals: The population that gets the most benefit from zinc. The brief window of opportunity that zinc yields benefit.  The correct dose of zinc.  The potentially harmful consequence of taking zinc preventatively. With
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This Master Herbalist’s all-natural formula could revolutionize the way we design pain-relief supplements.
The supplement industry’s problem with pain-relief… The problem with far too many pain-relief supplements is that they view pain only as it relates to  inflammation.  Don’t get us wrong, when it comes to pain relief, you HAVE to address inflammation.  But, it’s a mistake to think that pain ends with a simple anti-inflammatory.
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Myth Busted: Vitamin C Does Not “Boost” Your Immune System… It Protects It…
A Master Herbalist Explains How To Effectively Harness The Immune-Supporting Benefits of Vitamin C. This blog explains: Vitamin C does not “boost” your immune system… it “protects” it. Paying for better “absorption rates” is a big waste of your money. The easiest way Vitamin C research can mislead you…  With kids going ba
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Revealing the One Thing All Allergy-Sufferers Have in Common…
Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, explains that the key to formulating effective allergy relief was identifying the one similarity amongst all allergy-sufferers...  Finding effective allergy solutions is hard.  There are thousands of potential allergens in the world, and multiple possible symptoms.  How do you formulate a sup
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The Truth Behind Immune Boosting Supplements: Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry
Our Master Herbalist knows there are many misconceptions surrounding popular immune-boosting supplements. Over the course of this blog series, she will explain: Why the idea that vitamin C “boosts” your immune system is incredibly misleading.  Why taking zinc preventatively or for long periods of time is potentially harmful. Why you
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The One Thing All Anxiety and Depression Sufferers Tend to Have In Common…
Watch Below as Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, is joined by Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, and Mental Health Expert, Dr. Gregory Jantz, in this free 3-part webinar about natural solutions for anxiety, depression, grief and more.  2020 wasn't easy, was it? For many of us, it was a time of isolation and uncertainty. [&he
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Keeping your Kidneys Clean!

By Elliot Baker
 | July 1, 2020
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