Our Team’s Formula for a Better Life

They say that “the change starts with you,” which is why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate how our very own employees have found their formulas for a better life!

This article reveals:

  • How our Key Account Manager stays stress-free
  • How our National Sales Manager stopped being so forgetful
  • How our CEO gets the energy to run a company
  • The 20% discount offer that expires 05/31/2021!

It’s not easy to trust faceless online reviews of natural solutions. We get it. There’s a lot of bad actors in this industry trying to make a quick buck. 

That’s why we’ve decided to show you the proof in the pudding. 

Today, we’re taking a tour around the Redd Remedies office! We’ll introduce you to our staff as they share their own personal experiences with our products… and reveal their very own formula for a better life!

How Ellana soothes a sore throat


Ellana, our Warehouse Lead, was sick of the ineffective cough drops that weren’t providing her or her family any relief. She couldn’t be happier that she’s now found Throat Drops!

"The throat drops are definitely my favorite product. My entire family uses them. They're easy to carry and keep on hand during allergy season, sickness, or when your throat is dry.” 

“I have a whole basket full of all three flavors on hand when family dinner comes around so that everyone can pick their favorite!"

Made with a cooling blend of 5 essential oils, Ellana’s throat won’t need soothing anytime soon!

How Kaitlyn stays stress-free


The stresses of daily life had Kaitlyn, our Key Account Manager, constantly feeling anxious, run-down, and tired. She needed something special to help bring calm back to her life. 

That’s what makes At Ease™ the perfect formula for her!

This calming formula uses only non-sedative ingredients; so Kaitlyn achieves a sense of relaxation, but stays completely alert!

Now Kaitlyn can tackle anything life throws at her while feeling refreshed and motivated!

How Ashley and Laurel keep seasonal allergies away

Ashley S.

You may feel like suffering from seasonal allergies every spring is bad… but Ashley will tell you that it could be far worse.

See, she doesn’t just suffer from allergies in the spring, but for the entire year!

Her fellow employee, Laurel, is in the same boat. In fact, her allergies could get so bad that she would often have to visit a doctor for antibiotics!

A stuffy nose, itchy sinuses, and chest congestion were becoming a part of their daily routines… until they found Adult Sinus Support™!

Ashley insists that “[It] eases my symptoms of allergies immensely. I love how fast it works!”


Laurel says “Having tried several other over-the-counter meds before, I was honestly really not expecting much relief from the product, but thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did. It relieved my symptoms quickly and reduced the number of days I experienced them.”

In their roles at Sunrise Health Foods, they’re constantly recommending Adult Sinus Support™ to those who are looking for their own formula for a better life.

How Ashley and Keaton helped their dogs!


Sometimes the way to make us feel better is to help someone else feel their best. That’s exactly what happened with Keaton and Ashley. 

Ashley’s beloved Charlie, a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever, was suffering from joint problems. It was breaking Ashley’s heart knowing that he was in pain.

Meanwhile, Keaton’s canine companion Ned was doing just fine! However, Keaton was worried. Ned is a dachshund, and he knew that this breed is particularly susceptible to joint problems. Keaton wanted to nip any potential trouble in the bud. 

Now both Charlie and Ned are taking RE-NU for Pets™… and it’s put the wag back in their tails!

Ned’s joints are as strong as ever, but his coat has improved tremendously, while Charlie can’t help but come running every time he hears the medicine cabinet open!

How Darin stopped being so forgetful

Struggling with memory is a natural part of getting older. Just ask Darin!

“I was forgetting some of the most common things… not always names or numbers, but where something was located.”

As these memory lapses started happening more frequently, our National Sales Manager knew it was time to start looking for his formula for a better life. 

He’s thrilled to have found Brain Awakening™!

He quickly felt that his “recall” ability significantly improved. But, worried he may have been experiencing a placebo effect, he took himself back off of the supplement. 

Within days he was finding himself struggling to place names and faces again. This experience confirmed that Brain Awakening™ was going to play a big role in Darin’s future. 

He’s now been back on the product for 4 years and hasn’t missed a day!

How Joni navigated feelings of sadness and grief


Our Marketing Manager is a real cheerleader for our products, and throughout her years at Redd Remedies she’s had the opportunity to try many of them herself. 

However, the one we’re highlighting today is In•Joy™.

“When I came to work for Redd Remedies I had been through a long season of extremely high stress and multiple losses, which resulted in the need for an antidepressant. It seemed to help at first, but after a few months I noticed that it didn’t seem to be working anymore.”

Instead of raising her dosage, Joni weaned herself off of the antidepressant completely and started taking In•Joy™!

“Oh my goodness! I felt supported and I knew that I was taking something good for me that wouldn’t produce side effects.”

While Joni may have pulled through the period of grief that started her journey with  In•Joy™, she knows that the inevitable stresses of work and life have the ability to pull her back down.

As a result,  In•Joy™ is now part of her daily routine!

How Tiffany helped herself walk again


It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Tiffany wasn’t wasting any time in getting the Christmas decorations up!

As she strung some lights across her roof, she lost her footing and fell 12 feet. She tore tendons in her ankle and fractured her tibia. 

While surgery on her leg wasn’t required, doctors suspected it would be a while before she started walking again. 

However, Tiffany’s recovery was far speedier than the initial medical expectations. She swears this was partly the result of her formula for better life: Joint Health Soft Chews, Curcumin C3 Reduct®, and Bone Health Advanced™.

Now our CFO is back on her feet… but will probably stay away from the roof for a while!

How Dan gets the energy to run a company


Dan is the Founder and CEO of Redd Remedies, and if anyone has discovered their formula for a better life, it’s him. 

The vast catalogue of solutions he takes regularly includes Adult Sinus Support™, Curcumin C3 Reduct®, Immune Everyday, and Joint Health Advanced™.

Dan certainly loves each of these products; but the one that he still counts as his “favorite” is True Energy™

At night, Dan will leave a glass of water on his nightstand along with his True Energy™ capsules. When he wakes, he takes them right away. As far as he is concerned, it’s the best way to start the day.

It primes Dan’s body to resist the daily stresses of running a company by delivering the long-term, sustained natural energy he needs. 

Now Dan feels good physically, mentally, and is ready to tackle whatever his job throws at him!

The discount to get your own formula ready!

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