This Social Worker Can’t Stop Recommending These All-Natural Supplements!

Angela Ortiz-Flores’ clients current treatments weren’t providing the relief they were looking for - they needed additional support to bring their emotional and mental health into balance. After trying Redd Remedies products for herself, she began recommending them to her clients.

In the short video above, clinical social worker Angela Ortiz-Flores relays her story of discovering our Stress, Energy & Emotional Health category of products, including: In•Joy™, True Energy™, At Ease™, and At Ease PM™.

She explains how she and her family experienced their revelatory effects for themselves before she started recommending them to her clients. 

To understand the full significance of Angela’s discovery of our products, watch the video above!

The All-Natural, Gluten-Free Products Changing Her Patients’ Lives...

In•Joy™: This formula helps build emotional strength and promote a positive mood! Click here to start feeling hopeful and uplifted!

True Energy™: A formula that harnesses the power of adaptogenic herbs to boost your stamina and endurance naturally with no caffeine or other stimulants! Click here to start building optimal physical and mental energy!

At Ease™: A calming and relaxing formula that doesn’t leave you feeling sedated. We call it “alert relaxation”. Click here to start supporting your body’s resistance to stress!

At Ease PM™: Enjoying peace of mind during your day starts with a good night’s rest. Click here to fight sleeplessness, and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated! 


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