WATCH | Senior Citizen Reveals Formula That Beat her “Flu” and had her “Way Better” in Two Days!

Paula knew she was coming down with something, so she started taking an all-natural formula from Redd Remedies. Now, she’s recommending it to everyone!

This video reveals:

  • The all-natural solution that Paula used to combat her impending “flu.” 
  • Just how quickly this formula’s “rapid-response” capabilities worked.
  • How much better this senior citizen felt in the aftermath. 


Paula knew that working at a school would have its challenges… especially for her health.  

According to SafeSpace, she could come into contact with roughly 152,000 germs in a day. At 70-years-old, she knew this was going to put a real strain on her immune system. 

So, she wasn’t surprised when she started feeling like she was about to come down with either “the flu, or a bad cold.” 

But, Paula was prepared. 

Watch above as Paula details the all-natural formula she used to support her immune system and get her health back on track within just two days!

Paula’s formula for a better life:

Are you looking for a fast-acting formula to rid your body of some “unwanted guests?” 

Then it’s time to take Paula’s advice and purchase Immune Vrl Pro™!

This all-natural formula provides your immune system with “rapid-response” support thanks to these incredible ingredients: 

  • Antioxidants help protect our immune cells from the threat of free radicals! European elder is packed with antioxidants and has demonstrated the unique ability to be effective against 10 different strains of influenza virus!
  • Ginger root is a potent anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to be effective against respiratory viruses due to its ability to mobilize antivirals! 
  • Chinese licorice root has the ability to protect your liver, which is so important to a functioning immune system. It’s where your cells “learn” to discern between foreign and native cells. 
  • We’re also using the adaptogens astragalus and eleuthero to provide your immune system protection from the negative effects of stress!

Immune Vrl Pro™ can deliver the all-natural support your immune system needs to get through this cold and flu season! 

This article is based on the true experience of one of our customers.


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