Why You Should Take Elderberry Before Getting on a Plane…

How can elderberry help keep you safe on a plane? What species of the plant is the most-researched? How can you tell if your elderberry supplements have been adulterated? We answer all these questions, and more.

This video reveals:

  • How elderberry can stimulate and nourish your immune system. 
  • The two viral infections elderberry has been shown to be effective against. 
  • The most-researched species of elderberry. 
  • Why you need elderberry if you’re getting on a plane.
  • Two ways you can identify an adulterated elderberry supplement. 

Elderberry is easily one of the most popular supplements on the market right now, and one of our personal favorites!

However, while many are aware that elderberry is good for us, they’re not exactly sure how or why that is. 

This is important because as the demand for elderberry grows, so too does the concern of “bad actors” bringing adulterated or completely phoney products to the market. 

If you don’t understand the product you’re buying, how will you know when you’re being taken advantage of?  

Our Founder and CEO Dan Chapman has recorded this video with Master Herbalist Stacey Littlefield to explain everything you need to know about elderberry. 

You can use this knowledge to help identify the best elderberry supplements, and avoid falling into potential scams!

The fast-acting immune-support formula featuring elderberry!

If you want to provide your immune system with the best possible protection, then come and experience the fast-acting benefits of our all-natural Immune Vrl Pro™ formula.

  • We use European elder, the most-researched species of elderberry, to provide your immune system with antioxidants. This ingredient has also demonstrated the unique ability to be effective against 10 different strains of influenza virus!
  • Ginger root is a potent anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to be effective against respiratory viruses due to its ability to mobilize antivirals! 
  • Chinese licorice root has the ability to protect your liver, which is so important to a functioning immune system. It’s where your cells “learn” to discern between foreign and native cells. 
  • We’re also using the adaptogens astragalus and eleuthero to provide your immune system protection from the negative effects of stress!

Try Immune Vrl Pro™ to help keep your immune system safe and protected this winter!

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